Let the Build Lab help you!

Now that exams are (almost) over, it's time to start thinking about thesis projects and electives for next year. The BUILD Lab has lots of contacts in the industry who would love to work with you.
For example, one of our lovely contacts has four different projects:
Customer Experience:
- How can we optimize the Customer Journey?
- What can we do to improve our processes and optimize sales?
- What are our customers’ needs, and how can we improve to cover them better?
Microsoft Teams:
In 2020, we would like to roll out virtual groups, and will need help getting started with this project.
- Who should be in our groups/teams
- What are their needs?
- How do we structure Teams so our stakeholders’ needs best are fulfilled?
- What should the Team “memberships” include?
- How should we communicate with our stakeholders?
Integration of webCRM, Outlook and our homepage:
- How do we integrate meetings from Outlook
- Can we use a form on the website for new customer signups
- Re-design of our Wordpress homepage
- Our website needs to be optimized and needs improved UX
- We need an integrated payment system
Write to build@itu.dk if you'd like us to put you in contact with them!