BUILD Lab job opportunity - Lab Assistant
Application deadline May 31st 23:59

BUILD – data innovation lab is doing an open call for 2 Lab Assistant positions. The contract is set for the remainder of 2024 with an approximate workload of 6-8 hours a week. 

BUILD Lab’s role is to serve as a data-aggregator, with the ambition of becoming a self-sustaining community that brings insights from data to the world. By continuously attracting external partners and BUILD’ing up a large network of various industry contacts, the aim is to provide the university the best opportunities of collaboration between academia and industry. Additionally, the focus lies on providing access to emerging analytical tools and expanding its database of cases.

As a Lab Assistant in the BUILD Lab, you will have an opportunity to further develop your skills as some activities will be based on your interests. There are a variety of projects and tasks that go into running the lab: from designing, researching, to data crunching and developing AI agents, which is why all students in ITU are welcome in the BUILD lab. Some general activities can also be expected and not limited to: 

– Further developing the accessibility of BUILD Lab’s infrastructure
– Marketing and maintaining the image of BUILD Lab
– Brainstorming new workshops
– Assisting in organizing events
– Reaching to industry contacts 

Please send your application (max. 1 page) and CV to In the subject line, write “BUILD Lab Assistant application”. If you have any questions regarding the role or process, you can reach out to Matas Sabalas (either through email or MS Teams).