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What better than to have a lab connecting students, researchers and industry?
BuILD is the answer.


Industry Partnership

Services / Danske Bank / Industry Partnership

Course Integration

Serivces / Course Integration / Bizcon

NASA Space Apps Copenhagen is back!

BUILD’s first ideation challenge

The Business Analytics Challenge 2017 by Danske Bank & KMD

Workshop with IMPLEMENT Consulting Group

The Blockchain Summer School 2016 at ITU


Course Integration

Companies partner with Business IT Faculty in the classroom

  • Workshops
  • Guest Lectures
  • Full Semester Integration


Knowledge and skills transfer between industry and academia

  • Hands-on teaching
  • Certifications


From course project to industrial Phd

  • Matchmaking between Industry and Students
  • Thesis Projects
  • Industrial PhDs

Our Team


Vasiliki Baka

Associate Professor


Oliver Müller

Associate Professor


Alexander Richter

Associate Professor


Gergana Romanova

Research Assistant


Eman Haioty

Research Assistant



We're just like the other labs, only different

BuILD is the meeting point for those interested in innovation making. It is the place, where innovation processes are unpacked with the aim to cultivate problem solving skills, design thinking, strategic and leadership skills and innovative concept development.

BuILD’s mission is to be the interface at which students, industry, and researchers meet. This is achieved through three mechanisms:

Challenges: Problem solving challenges and idea competitions are common Open Innovation concepts which BuILD facilitates.

Training: BuILD offers trainings for both students and practitioners hands-on and scientifically grounded.

Networking: From course projects to Industrial Phds, BuILD connects students and organization for joint research projects.

BuILD is short for ‘Business Innovation Lab’ – the ‘D’ is transformative. As innovation goes, many aspects influence it, from discovering the need for new innovative processes to developing and deploying innovative strategies. Sometimes the latter takes place in dungeons, other times in labs. Regardless of the location, BuILD is a place where innovation is created.


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BuILD is here to help you achieve your business innovation dreams.

Whether you are a company itching to get ITU's best and brightest working on your toughest challenges, or a student or researcher looking to take a practitioner-centric approach, BuILD has the services and networking events to get you in front of the right people, at the right time.

Write us today and together we can start building innovation solutions!

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