ITU’s BUILD lab has gained experience in connecting industry with academia – that means teaching and research throughout the last years. BUILD lab understands itself as platform to bridge between academia and industry to learn more from data.

We are continuously strengthening competences in quantitative data analytics echoing the all-apparent rationale of value creation from data.

ITU’s BUILD lab has gained experience in connecting industry with academia – that means teaching and research throughout the last years.  

To take the experience forward, BUILD lab understands itself as platform to bridge between academia and industry to learn more from data.

Which is why, we are strengthening competences in quantitative data analytics echoing the all-apparent rationale of value creation from data.

Let's BUILD a relationship

Collaborate as an ITU student

Throughout your studies you accumulate a lot of theoretical knowledge and methods that are quite fruitful once applied in a practical setting.

BUILD lab gives you an opportunity to collaborate with the industry and apply your knowledge in a meaningful way. Conducting a project within an organization or with organization’s provided data and communicating its outcome will give you the best practical experience and significant gratification, whether you have qualitative or quantitative backgrounds.

Collaborate as a member from the industry

Building up a relationship with BUILD lab will establish your presence within the ITU: allowing students to know your business and ambitions.

BUILD lab brings your business together with students to work along your current challenges and jointly create valuable innovations. Whether it is enhancing your business data through applied ML and AI methods. Or to suggest process improvements through generating data from exploratory field work.

Getting in touch with the BUILD lab will allow you to co-act on either of these joint activities:
What is the BUILD lab’s database?

To promote innovation with quantitative data, BUILD lab is hosting a database where different ITU individuals can access and work with data. In doing so, students are able to use it for their projects and theses, researchers for research purposes, and teachers can use it as case examples for their courses.

All data related projects are thus expected to be open and stored on BUILD lab’s GitHub. Findings and data learnings would then be communicated to teachers, industry and future students wanting to take the project further.

The sources of the data can be segmented into 3 categories: project, open, and licensed. The database can be accessed through our front end. Contact build@itu.dk or drop by if you are interested in acquiring access.

1. Project Data

Case specific data that has been accumulated from extant data analytics projects.

Private and public sector data cover well-maintained sets from previous cases with specific purposes.

BUILD stores current cases in cleaned and standardized datasets that are available on request and downloadable for further use.

2. Open Data

Public data provided by various entities and governmental institutions that is available online.

Both quantitative and qualitative data exist with various degrees in quality and completeness depending on the source.

BUILD aggregates a non-exhaustive collection linking to valuable open sources you can access for your purpose.

3. Licensed Data

Private sector data providing commercially serviced insights on small, medium, and stock companies world-wide.

These numerical and textual sources triangulate firm success, organizational structure, and corporate statements, in Europe, Asia, USA.

BUILD provides access to APIs, where people can interact with continuously updated data from different platforms.

Thesis Project Proposals

Through out the year, BUILD lab will be organizing workshops, events, hackathons and more. The activities are aimed to further develop skills that enable individuals achieve more with data and some will cover existing or new innovations happening in society and brace the importance of understanding them. 

Some activities are dedicated for students, while others invite both  activities are dedicated for students, while others are open to external people with the intention to bring networking opportunities within the university.

Below you find the current and previous events!


Data Visualization Competition 2024

View the results here: https://build.itu.dk/dvc24/ The  annual Data Visualization Competition hosted by the BUILD lab, is upon us once again! You and/or your group is invited to showcase the creativity in crafting unique and impactful data visualizations for a chance to win great prizes!  If you’re already crafting or crafted a data visualization for your research purposes, why not submit it and get recognized for your work? Or maybe you’d like a second opinion before you submit for your exam? We welcome

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Data Visualization Competition 2023 Results

1st Place (36 out 50 points) Boligsiden Apartments Sydhavn Author: Szymon Adam Galecki The figure showcases apartments for rent, available at boligsiden.dk. It was one of the figures that showed company’s strategy, having multiple flats in recently finished buildings. Points represent buildings in location given by geographical coordinates. If there are more than two apartments at the same location, a numerical label informs about it. Colour scheme informs about rental price for square meter, in a month timeframe. Since, buildings

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Web scraping workshops

Whether your motivation is personal advancement or to rival those who are benefiting from this technology, you should use the web scraping workshops as a way to enrich your comprehension with a perspective that can come in handy as a show-off to your friends in parties. In other words, even if you are not an avid programmer, use this as an opportunity to understand how people can code this and then ask ChatGPT to do it for you! By the

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TrendIT – Generative AI: Inspiring, accelerating, or outperforming innovation?

BUILD data innovation lab is happy to invite you to its open house on Generative AI – the rapidly evolving field that drives controversies about its abilities, limitations, and opportunities in business and education. Together with academic researchers and students, presenters from industry innovators and start-ups will discuss how these most recent AI-based methods can create business value. We will investigate the challenges posed by the technological innovation of generative AI when it comes to replacing human labor and mimicking

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GitHub Workshop

You might have heard about GitHub or even tried using it. BUILD lab is organizing a workshop that will “unblackbox” GitHub by explaining what it is and how it can be useful for your studies & career. Everybody is welcome regardless of your study program! In the first hour, we will go through the differences between Git and GitHub as well as the motivation of using it. In the second hour, we will go through a common workflow with Git

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