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BUILD’s First Workshop

On Monday, last week, we hosted BuILD’s first event at the IT University of Copenhagen. As BuILD aims to tighten the gap between the students and the industry, we invited the industry to talk about what competences are in demand and what students should prepare for. The industry, and the “real life” examples in this case, came from IT Business Consulting, and more precisely, Implement Consulting Group. Why IT Business Consulting? We have by now identified that this is one of the prospective career paths that an IT-Business-Innovation graduate is likely choose to thrive in. More so, we already have several Digital Innovation & Management Graduates building their careers at ICG.

Together with the facilitators, Sefkan Lezgin Øzcanand (Cand. merc. IT) and Kim Thuesen (MA in Philosophy), we decided to plan the event with a practical element – something that will not only engage the students in a discussion about their own potential, but would also bring the focus on the work in the workshop. An approach we will keep and nurture for our future events and workshops.

The participants, many of which DIM students, were asked to come up with their input on what competencies they think are required to be a good ITM consultant, and what the daily tasks of an ITM consultants could be. Problem solving, design thinking, strategic and leadership skills were mentioned. After presenting cases on which the two consultants from ICG are working on, it seemed that the suggested required competences by the crowd were pretty spot on. How can we interpret that, and what was then the value, or the new knowledge, for the attendees of the workshop? If I compare it to the time when the Master’s line of Digital Innovation & Management was just introduced and had its first student intake, I can say that the students now seem much more in line with what “the real world” actually demands as a set of competences. The value, I believe, is coming closer to what the practice of a post- IT Business graduate could look like – we already know what is required, but where and how to cultivate it was one of the main take-outs of the BuILD’s first workshop.