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“Brand New Knowledge” – Thesis workshop 1 “Virtual Teams: Knowledge Sharing Across Locations and Organizations”

Welcome to this year’s first event for our collaboration partners in the industry: “Brand New Knowledge” – practitioner workshops based on our students’ thesis work

Every year, hundreds of thesis students at the IT University of Copenhagen spend six months exploring a thesis, becoming super experts on this topic. We want to share knowledge to the Danish society, and at the same time, profile our candidates to potential employers. 

This series of two-hour workshops will provide you with brand new knowledge on different topics, and hands-on training on how to use this knowledge in your own work.

On January 22nd, we’re proud to present: Virtual Teams: Knowledge Sharing Across Locations and Organizations with Corinna Nisi.

“Today, many projects are carried out across organizational boundaries and national borders. Individuals from diverse professional backgrounds, including different cultures and thinking, form efficient working groups, often under enormous time pressure. Knowledge sharing practices are very important as project members have less common knowledge (e.g., contextual, functional, organizational, and personal knowledge), especially in short-term projects.

Project managers and teams have a growing responsibility to build greater skills to comprehend relational complexities, handle possible ambiguity, and facilitate collaboration processes through virtual media. Often, these practitioners still struggle with the HOW.”

Virtual Teams: Knowledge Sharing Across Locations and Organizations aims at promoting knowledge and awareness of social and cultural dynamics on knowledge creation and sharing, and will help you to understand how knowledge is created within your project context. You will be participating in discussions and sharing your experiences from working in the industry.

Join us on January 22nd if:

  • You are responsible for coordinating teams of different locations, various professional backgrounds, including different cultures and thinking
  • You use communication technologies such as MS Teams / Skype but see a potential for enhancing your collaboration methods
  • You are ready to step back to reflect on your current approaches and are motivated to learn new perspectives

Apply for a seat here:

 We will confirm your particpation, and send more information about the agenda, on January 15th.

Let the BUILD Lab help you!

Now that exams are (almost) over, it’s time to start thinking about thesis projects and electives for next year. The BUILD Lab has lots of contacts in the industry who would love to work with you.
For example, one of our lovely contacts has four different projects:
Customer Experience:
– How can we optimize the Customer Journey?
– What can we do to improve our processes and optimize sales?
– What are our customers’ needs, and how can we improve to cover them better?
Microsoft Teams:
In 2020, we would like to roll out virtual groups, and will need help getting started with this project.
– Who should be in our groups/teams
– What are their needs?
– How do we structure Teams so our stakeholders’ needs best are fulfilled?
– What should the Team “memberships” include?
– How should we communicate with our stakeholders?
Integration of webCRM, Outlook and our homepage:
– How do we integrate meetings from Outlook
– Can we use a form on the website for new customer signups
– Re-design of our WordPress homepage
– Our website needs to be optimized and needs improved UX
– We need an integrated payment system
Write to if you’d like us to put you in contact with them!

Recruitment Tips from a Headhunter

Join us at the IT University’s Career Week next week for tips and advice from Bodil Haumann, partner of the recruitment and career coaching consultancy Induce. Bodil will give you tips on how to spice up your resume and focus on your portfolio, and tell you what you can expect during an interview.

Sign up for Bodil’s talk on October 1st at 10am HERE

Scrum Master Certification with Implement Consulting Group

Join BUILD and Implement Consulting Group for this 6-week preparation course for the Scrum Master certification.

Due to the cutting-edge nature of the material we will only accept students who will be entering the job market this year, preferably masters students and recent graduates, but the opportunity for exception does exist.

This certification will be an advantage on any CV or job application, so please share this opportunity with others who could also be interested.

About the Instructor

Bernt Römer is an experienced manager within the IT domain and has recently been in charge of a four year agile transformation journey in a Danish financial company and has dealt with many aspects of ensuring successful agile development. During a number of years he has managed the daily work of a number of product owners and scrum masters and he is a certified scrum master and product owner through as well as certified agile scaled framework consultant (SAFe ver 4.5).

Bernt holds a cand.merc as well as a SECA diploma from CBS Executive and is a certified coach

This course, valued at 20.000DKK but offered free of charge through BUILD, has been developed specifically with you in mind as current students and working professionals.

Contact us for more information about participating.