Industry Partnership

Industry Partnership is a service available to companies through the BuILD lab at ITU. As an Industry Partner you will work closely with the professors and teaching staff of a course to bring your challenges or business case into the classroom and reap the benefits of a plethora of proposed solutions grounded in both theory and methodology.

Simone Skouby, a third semester Digital Innovation & Management student finds Industry Partnership in her Process Innovation course useful in the context of her entire education. “It’s great having Danske Bank embedded in our Process Innovation course,” she says, “because it gives us the opportunity to apply the theories we learn, not just in this course but the entire program, to a real life case.”

And Process Innovation professor Raffaele Ciriello can also see the benefits of the arrangement. “I think it is a great enrichment to the course that Danske Bank contributes practical experience to important topics such as process automation,” Ciriell explains. “That way, the students can relate better to the concepts they learn in class and understand how their acquired knowledge can be applied in practice.”

To learn more and see if this or our other services are a right fit for your organization, please do not hesitate to reach out to us here at BuILD.