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“Brand New Knowledge” – Thesis workshop 1 “Virtual Teams: Knowledge Sharing Across Locations and Organizations”

Welcome to this year’s first event for our collaboration partners in the industry: “Brand New Knowledge” – practitioner workshops based on our students’ thesis work

Every year, hundreds of thesis students at the IT University of Copenhagen spend six months exploring a thesis, becoming super experts on this topic. We want to share knowledge to the Danish society, and at the same time, profile our candidates to potential employers. 

This series of two-hour workshops will provide you with brand new knowledge on different topics, and hands-on training on how to use this knowledge in your own work.

On January 22nd, we’re proud to present: Virtual Teams: Knowledge Sharing Across Locations and Organizations with Corinna Nisi.

“Today, many projects are carried out across organizational boundaries and national borders. Individuals from diverse professional backgrounds, including different cultures and thinking, form efficient working groups, often under enormous time pressure. Knowledge sharing practices are very important as project members have less common knowledge (e.g., contextual, functional, organizational, and personal knowledge), especially in short-term projects.

Project managers and teams have a growing responsibility to build greater skills to comprehend relational complexities, handle possible ambiguity, and facilitate collaboration processes through virtual media. Often, these practitioners still struggle with the HOW.”

Virtual Teams: Knowledge Sharing Across Locations and Organizations aims at promoting knowledge and awareness of social and cultural dynamics on knowledge creation and sharing, and will help you to understand how knowledge is created within your project context. You will be participating in discussions and sharing your experiences from working in the industry.

Join us on January 22nd if:

  • You are responsible for coordinating teams of different locations, various professional backgrounds, including different cultures and thinking
  • You use communication technologies such as MS Teams / Skype but see a potential for enhancing your collaboration methods
  • You are ready to step back to reflect on your current approaches and are motivated to learn new perspectives

Apply for a seat here:

 We will confirm your particpation, and send more information about the agenda, on January 15th.

Let the BUILD Lab help you!

Now that exams are (almost) over, it’s time to start thinking about thesis projects and electives for next year. The BUILD Lab has lots of contacts in the industry who would love to work with you.
For example, one of our lovely contacts has four different projects:
Customer Experience:
– How can we optimize the Customer Journey?
– What can we do to improve our processes and optimize sales?
– What are our customers’ needs, and how can we improve to cover them better?
Microsoft Teams:
In 2020, we would like to roll out virtual groups, and will need help getting started with this project.
– Who should be in our groups/teams
– What are their needs?
– How do we structure Teams so our stakeholders’ needs best are fulfilled?
– What should the Team “memberships” include?
– How should we communicate with our stakeholders?
Integration of webCRM, Outlook and our homepage:
– How do we integrate meetings from Outlook
– Can we use a form on the website for new customer signups
– Re-design of our WordPress homepage
– Our website needs to be optimized and needs improved UX
– We need an integrated payment system
Write to if you’d like us to put you in contact with them!

World Usability Day 2019 at the IT University

World Usability Day 2019

The BUILD Connections Lab, World Usability Day Denmark, and UX Forum Copenhagen are happy to invite students, researchers and partners in the industry to join us in celebrating World Usability Day on

November 14, 2019 from 7-9:30pm 

The event will be hosted in the student Friday bar (ScrollBar) at the IT University of Copenhagen, Rued Langgaards Vej 7.

19:30 Welcome, pizza & drinks and networking
20:00 – 21:30 Talks, a quiz, and networking (more information soon!)

Read more, and sign up here: World Usability Day 2019 at the IT University

Also, read more about the World Usability Day 2019 here:

Helle Martens
Lab Manager
ITU’s BUILD Connections Lab

Tapas Talks with the ITU BUILD Lab on Oct. 24: The Importance of Tech in Health Care

Tapas Talks with the ITU BUILD Lab: The Importance of Tech in Health Care

The BUILD Connections Lab and CBS Health are happy to invite students, researchers and partners in the industry to join us for our first Tapas Talks Networking event

October 24, 2019 at 16-20

The event will be hosted in the student Friday bar (ScrollBar) at the IT University of Copenhagen, Rued Langgaards Vej 7.

Agenda October 24, 2019:
16:00 – 16:30 Coffee, cake, and networking
16:30 – 17:00 “The Importance of HCI in Clinical Trials” Lene Nielsen, Associate Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen
17:05 – 17:40 “The Future of Digital Health Care” with Andreas Dam, CEO at Daman
17:45 – 18:15
“Machine Learning to Heal Hard-to-Heal Wounds” with Jacob Malte Jensen, Data Scientist at Vertical Strategy
18:30 – 20:00 Panel discussion, tapas, drinks, and networking

Read more, and sign up here: Tapas Talks With the ITU BUILD Lab


Anett Stéger
Head of Events at CBS Health


Tapas Talks with the ITU BUILD Lab


Helle Martens
Lab Manager at ITU’s BUILD Connections Lab

GovTech: Making a Difference in the Public Sector

In partnership with BUILD Lab at the IT University of Copenhagen, PUBLIC Denmark invites you to join this talk on making a difference with GovTech.

The GovTech Program is a challenge-based initiative, which seeks to initiate, support and bolster collaboration between the public sector and technology companies with innovative solutions.

The program invites Danish and international tech companies to bring their most innovative and value-adding solutions to the public sector. The companies with the most promising ideas will be invited to join a 5-week PoC phase that includes a bespoke market dialogue with government officials and domain experts. In the final phase, the program presents a number of recommendations on how the given challenge could be solved. Companies participating in the program receive economic compensation for their efforts.

The 2nd round of the GovTech-Program features 6 real-world, public sector challenges that are currently open for applications. Join the talk to learn more about each challenge and how GovTech has an impact on society. Free coffee and cake will be provided by the university.

If you think your startup can solve one of the GovTech-Program challenges, submit your application by November 18th or show your interest here:

Tentative agenda for October 8th:
16:00 Welcome by ITU
16:05 GovTech-Program Denmark by Niels Martin Andersen, Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs
16:15 Challenge owner pitch
16: 30 Q&A
16:30 – 17:00 Coffee, cake and networking

Auditorium 3 (Room 2A56)

Recruitment Tips from a Headhunter

Join us at the IT University’s Career Week next week for tips and advice from Bodil Haumann, partner of the recruitment and career coaching consultancy Induce. Bodil will give you tips on how to spice up your resume and focus on your portfolio, and tell you what you can expect during an interview.

Sign up for Bodil’s talk on October 1st at 10am HERE

Caseaften med Accenture Health & Public Service (in Danish) 26. september 2019

Caseaften med Accenture Health & Public Service
-få et indblik i livet som managementkonsulent

Går du med ambitioner om at blive managementkonsulent og arbejde med digitalisering og transformationsprojekter i den offentlige sektor?

Så kom med til caseaften, hvor du vil få en introduktion til Accenture som konsulenthus, samt et indblik i livet som konsulent og de opgaver, som du kan møde hos kunderne. Du får muligheden for at afprøve dine kompetencer i en gruppecase, der tager udgangspunkt i en virkelighedsnær problemstilling. Opgaveløsningen inkluderer bl.a. anvendelse af Accentures metoder og vores tilgang til at anvende Design Thinking principper. Hvis det lyder som noget for dig, så vil vi meget gerne møde dig til en hyggelig aften.

– Introduktion til Health & Public Service i Accenture
– Projektoplæg: “Livet som konsulent”
– Caseløsning i grupper
– Spørgsmålsrunde

Accenture vil være vært for aftensmad.

Tid: 26. september kl. 17.00-20.00
Sted: Bohrsgade 35, 1799 København

Der er plads til 25 deltagere og pladser tildeles som tilmeldinger modtages.

Accenture er en af verdens største professionelle servicevirksomheder. På tværs af sektorer gennemfører Accenture store, komplekse og udfordrende projektleverancer indenfor forretningsområderne Strategy, Consulting, Digital, Technology and Operations.

I afdelingen Health and Public Service er det vores ambition at være førende rådgivere for den offentlige sektor. I de seneste år har vi oplevet en betydelig vækst i antallet af kunder og projekter. Accenture Health & Public Service (H&PS) yder konsulentbistand til bl.a. digitalisering og store IT-transformationsprojekter i offentlige organisationer. H&PS rådgiver bl.a. inden for digitalisering, organisations- og kulturforandring, implementerings- og driftsstrategi samt. H&PS rådgiver primært offentlige kunder fra både regioner, kommuner, ministerier og styrelser.



Event on September 19th: BUILD Lab Industry Collaboration Day

Welcome to the BUILD Lab Industry Collaboration Day! 

We would love to see you at the IT University of Copenhagen on September 19th, 2019, for what we hope will be an annual event for our collaborating partners in the industry to meet professors and students at the ITU.

Maybe you have specific projects that you need help with, for example bachelor or master thesis projects, a class case, or maybe you’re recruiting for an intern or student helper? Please feel free to bring the descriptions with you. You’re also very welcome to simply join us for the networking to meet some of our students and researchers.

Please RSVP by September 13th HERE, thank you! 

Looking very much forward to seeing you,
Helle Martens
Lab Manager, BUILD Connections Lab

Phone: +45 61314238
Room: 3A60 



Toastmasters International at ITU

Toastmasters International is a montly networking event that helps you learn to how to become a skilled public speaker, how to communicate in an effective way, and build leadership skills. On May 16, 2019, we invited Toastmasters to have their meetup at ITU in hopes of getting ITU students to join.

Each meeting has dedicated members carefully listening to each speaker, watching out for filler words, body language, grammar, and storytelling. After each talk, the speaker receives positive feedback from the crowd, plus the specific feedback from the designated “listeners”. It’s truly a great learning experience, especially for students who don’t have very much practice with presenting. 

We plan to host these events at least twice a year, so keep an eye out for our next event!

Read more about Toastmasters here:, or stop by 3A60 for a flyer. 


Event Recap: Microsoft Azure Workshop with Avanade

On April 23, 2019, we held a Microsoft Azure workshop with Avanade about cloud technologies and how enterprises use them to improve their business.

This workshop is an introduction to the fundamental cloud technologies and how they are used by companies in the market today. The workshop will include a practical element where you will learn how to easily deploy and manage your own resources in the cloud. A cloud infrastructure can be used for various needs, including CRM systems, AI or IoT solutions, and Avanade will provide Microsoft Passes with credits to run several cloud resources free of charge. The workshop will be led by Jacob Foss and Michael Jonsson from Avanade. Michael is a Cloud Architect and Microsoft Azure expert, with extensive experience in enterprise-scaled cloud solutions. There will of course be pizza, snacks and drinks to keep the energy running.

Avanade is a consultancy company and joint venture of Accenture and Microsoft. In Denmark we are 60 people and globally we are around 30.000. Avanade works with clients, helping them utilize their Microsoft 365 license and transition to Azure Cloud.

If anyone would like to get in touch with Avanade, or if you’d like us to host a similar workshop, feel free to reach out to! 

Here’s a guide to the Twitter app that was developed during the workshop: